Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Infinite Facts for yesterday night !

ok. last nite, admin @Annyss_93 post many of Infinite Facts.
i also enjoy the facts. how bout INSPIRITs ?
thanks to our admin. :)

  1. All 0f the INFINITE members l0st weight during the making 0f their EVOLUTION album.
  2. Sc0rpi0n dance real name is budding dance.
  3. All 0f INFINITE members likes Mitra Jin m0re than Tabl0.
  4. H0ya ripped his pants during their first perf0rmance.
  5. If H0ya had a y0unger sister, he thinks l0ve is m0re important.
  6. If w0ohyuhn wasn't an artist, he might be an athlete 0r a chef right.
  7. Seongyeol begged the hairstylist t0 dye his hair in green f0r the BTD.
  8. s0metimes interviewers get frustrated f0r L because he's being t0o quite.
  9. L was named 'L' because his m0ves and v0ice resemble L fr0m death note.
  10. Sungj0ng s0metimes think that he is m0re pretty fr0m the 0ther girl gr0up member.
  11. D0ngw0o and H0ya w0uld be a dancer and L w0uld be a photographer if their weren't an artist.
  12. L can spend his 0ne last day with his L0VE.
  13. If sunggyu has a l0ver he will bring her t0 the ocean and scream out his love for her.
  14. D0ngw0o w0uldn't do anything if he wants to seduce a girl because his charisma speak for him.
  15. if seongyeol has one last day with her love, he will promise to meet her in the next life.


that's all for yesterday facts. hope you enjoy infinite facts here.
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